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Right to Rectification - Risk & Compliance System

Last Updated: May 29, 2018 04:59PM BST
There are two types of data held within the Risk & Compliance system. The first type is ‘record data’, as in data that is entered into the various modules of the system such as complaint information. The second is 'user data' (typically staff members of the client’s organization).

Editing Record Data
Data entered into the Risk & Compliance system is held within individual records in each respective module. For example, complaint records are found within the ‘Complaints’ module. You can find an overview of how to locate records within the system in our Right to Access article found here.

In the example below Jane Doe, our example Master User user, has opened a complaint that she wants to amend (note that all of the names and data in this record is an example only). After locating and opening the record, Jane will arrive at a summary screen with an orange 'Actions' button towards the end of the complaint's summary information that has been highlighted in blue in this screenshot:

Clicking the 'Actions' button will reveal to Jane the available option for record including the option to edit:

After clicking this Jane is taken to a screen where all of the fields of data captured for the complaint are now editable. In this example Jane is changing the Matter Reference from '112233' to '332211':

After making the required amendments, Jane can scroll down to the end of the record and click the 'Save' button (highlighted in blue):

Jane will now be taken through to the summary page displaying the complaint record and can see that her changes have been saved (in this case, the 'Matter Reference' now shows as '332211'):

Editing User Data

Every user within the Risk & Compliance system has a unique account. When creating these accounts, the users first name, last name and email address are recorded into the system’s user table. To access this area, a user must first have Master User access and for this example we'll continue to follow fictitious user Jane Doe.

In this example Jane has accessed the user table for her firm and is looking to update the details for her colleague Michael Roberts as Michael's surname has been misspelled:

By clicking 'edit' Jane is taken to a screen that shows the current information for the user and is able to change as necessary. This screen contains four tabs of data (highlighted in the blue box below) and will initially open on the Person Details tab. Jane can now proceed to correct Michael's surname and save this change by clicking the green 'Save User' button.

Whilst this was the only change Jane was seeking to make, this same window also allows her to update other settings for the user by clicking on the different tabs. By clicking through these she is able to adjust the users access to different parts of the system, email preferences and group membership should she require. For more detail on user set up click here.

Having saved her changes, Jane will now be taken back to the user page where Michael's name now displays correctly:

We hope you found this guide on editing record and user data helpful. Should you have any questions or need any additional support with updating and editing data within the system please contact the team at


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