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Last Updated: Dec 07, 2018 01:49PM GMT
To access Riliance's Risk & Compliance system you must have  a user account. Only users with Master User rights have the necessary access to set up other users we will be going through the steps of setting up a new user. If you are unsure who your Master User(s) are or need any additional support with setting up new users you can contact our team at

For this guide we will be following Jane Doe, the Master User for her business. A new employee, Henry Green, has joined the business and needs to be set up with basic access to the Audit, Breach and Complaints modules.

Jane will firstly need to log into the system herself with her own user details at Once logged in, Jane will arrive on the system home page and access the Account Settings menu as per the screenshot below:

Inside the Account Settings, Jane's next step is to navigate to the Firm Users option from navigation list on the left hand side. Clicking this will display a list of all users currently set up within the system along with the options to create, edit and disable user accounts. 

Clicking the '+Add New User' button on the bottom right hand side of the table will open the screen to create the new user account for Henry. In this window Jane enters the details for Henry's account including a first name, last name and email address (note that an email address can only be used once within the Riliance system for security and cannot be shared between multiple user accounts). Having keyed in the information, Jane now clicks the '+Save User' button:

After saving the user, four more tabs appear in addition to the 'Personal Details' tab. Jane selects the second, 'Permissions', and will now see a list of the modules available within the system and different access types that can be given to Henry. As Henry only requires basic access to the Breach, Complaints and Audit modules Jane checks the 'Data Inputter' box next to each of these modules and clicks the 'Save Permissions' button, then closes the window with the Close button:

Henry Green's account will now appear in Jane's user list (note that if you have many users, this list will show you the first 10 users only - you can locate any other users using the Search field at the top right hand side of the user list). Henry's account will initially be listed as 'Disabled' and is not yet fully active, this allows Jane to make any additional amendments before turning the account on. In this case Jane is confident the account is set up correctly and clicks the 'Enable' button:

Henry's account is now active and he will receive an email welcoming him to the system that includes a unique link to set his password to access system. Once Henry creates his password his account set up and ready for use.

This completes our guide covering user set up for the Riliance system. Should you have any questions or need any support with set up please contact the team at or telephone 01829 731 200.

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