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File Audit - How do I record a file review?

Last Updated: Dec 07, 2018 10:55AM GMT
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1) On the home screen, select Add, and click File Audits in the pop up box.
2) Select the Audit you wish to perform from the dropdown list, and click New File Audit.

3) On the File Audits input page, enter the details into the Client/Matter Reference box and Client Name box.

4) In the Fee Earner drop down box, enter the details of the fee earner you are auditing, and the Review type.

5) From the dropdown search box, select the Department, Office and Practice Area that this matter relates to.

6) The Auditor and Audit Date will be pre-populated to the user logged in, and the date of entry.

7) Complete the File Audit questions, answering Yes, No or N/A, adding in comments where appropriate.

8) If further action is required on the file, select yes to Corrective Action Required, and enter the details of the needed Action.

9) Once you are happy that you have entered all relevant information, press Save.
NB If you are interrupted during an Audit, press the arrow next to Save, where you can save the Audit as draft. This will allow you to come back and complete the review later.

10) If Corrective Action is required, in the Schedule Task pop-up box, select the responsible fee earner in the Corrective Action to be completed by dropdown user list.

11) In Corrective Action due by, select the timescale for the completion of this action.

12) In order to Close the File Audit on completion of the task, tick the box at the bottom of the page.

13) Once you are happy that you have entered all relevant information, press Schedule Tasks.

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